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As We Cross Another Milestone

Hey you! Welcome back to my blog!

If this is your first time, it definitely won’t be your last, hopefully😂.

First of all, I’m sorry for being gone for so long, do forgive me. I just find it hard to post when I’m at school, it’s stressful and I’m lazy, some of the time. Now that I’ve settled that, we can move on.

So today, being the 5th of September, is a special day for both of us. Why? Because it’s our anniversary people! To those who are part of the family anyway; if you’re new you’re welcome to the family! 💜

It’s officially been two years since I started blogging. To be honest it doesn’t really seem that long, but I guess it has been, crazy right? There’s been good times, there’s been writer’s blocks or should I say blogger’s blocks? Either way, it’s been an amazing journey so far and I decided to make a post to celebrate with you guys and so I’ll always have this moment to look back on.

Happy Birthday to my Blog!
Happy Birthday to my Blog!

As We Cross Another Milestone,

I just want to say how much I appreciate everyone that has been on this journey with me from the start, those that joined later on and even you that just joined the family today, yes I’m acknowledging you too. For sharing my posts, leaving comments and showing actual interest in what I actually do here, I really love you guys so much💜.

Now that that’s off my chest, let the party begin!

Let’s start off the party with a brief Q&A Session which has been long overdue.

Yes, finally another Q&A at last. The first one I did was when? June last year?😂 That’s a pretty long gap if you ask me. So that’s why I decided to do another. Also because I’ve seen new members of our blog family, like Sabrina, Yemi and so many others. I know you all might have had questions in mind to ask so today’s the day some of your questions are answered!

That just made me remember Gaston from Beauty and the Beast lol. When he went to ask Belle for her hand in marriage. Uncle was like, “Today is the day your dreams come true…” only to get rejected and thrown into mud. I never thought he was attractive anyway🌚.

But the beast on the other hand, what a sight to behold🥰! Wasn’t he dreamy?😍😂

see fine boy

Sorry where was I? Oh yeah, making your dreams come true. So let’s dive right into it. I’ve had a few questions that some of you asked from a while ago, so I’ll be answering them today.

But certainly, we can’t let this be boring, now can we? 😏


Off we go then, to Britain. If you do not understand this sort of English, then do not mock me; but be flattered at my bravery. It is rather difficult to find such these days. Are you ready?

Q&A Time!

And so it begins, a session of seeking answers to those questions that have burdened your heart for so long.

Still in British 😉

1. What inspires you to keep blogging?

Ladies and gentlemen, I blog for it intrigues me. It pleases me to write. I do this for it is a passion. “Blogging is an art of life, it does not matter if you win or lose, rather it is for spirit of the art!”(I’m saying rubbish oh) And alongside, I take pleasure in reading such adoring comments from yourselves. Having knowledge that my writing entertains such amazing persons, I am certainly honored to continue and never stop; if it be the Lord’s will for me of course.

2. What’s your full name?

I believe I already revealed this in my previous post, The One Where It’s My Birthday! You’ll have to go back to Nigeria to read that though, so we best be on our way.

While we wait for those who went to do amebo and find out my full name, let’s have a Nigerian-based question.

3. You know those Nigerian movies where everyone is dressed in wrappers and live in huts with a king and queen? The girls wear a wrapper around their waist like a skirt and one around their chest. The males where one around their waist like a towel. Do those kind of villages exist?

Answer: Dear non-Nigerian follower, they probably still exist😂.

Two more questions left. I hope the amebos have returned already. Now that you’ve known my name, we can continue the party.

4. How did you discover your love for writing?

Answer: I think I’ve always had this hidden love for writing but at a point I was so blind to see it right there. I knew I enjoyed writing long notes in class right from primary school; I even liked when the teacher decided to dictate and not write on the board(weird I know, I think I also enjoy note taking during lecture periods even). And back in my primary school days I started writing short stories actually, just for fun and I liked it. If you want to hear, sorry, read, the full and definitely interesting story of how I got here, you should really check out one of my most-read posts, from little. TO BIG! So yeah, discovering your potential starts from taking notes of the little things we do unconsciously.

5. What’s the story behind your blog name? 

Answer: Have a glass of my non-alcoholic wine first🍷.

Now, to answer your question, what makes you think there’s some interesting story to it? To be completely honest, I can’t pinpoint the exact reason I went with the name Girl With A Blog but what I do remember was that there was this show on Nickelodeon called Dog with a Blog which I found totally catchy, I mean it’s a dog, who actually blogs! And I was like if he’s a dog who can blog, then I’m a girl who can blog too. That was pretty much it I guess and now my friends call me that. Don’t you guy’s just get it that its my blog’s name and not mine? Don’t make her jealous, it’s her birthday please😌.

And that’s a wrap, only five questions for today guys, I don’t want to make this party a late-night one.

So grab your glass and let’s toast! If you’ve finished yours already, sorry for you🍷.

On this day, Girl With A Blog is officially two years old and it makes me so happy and proud that I was actually able to do this, because of God, obviously, but also everyone gathered here reading this now. So here’s a toast, to more years, more posts, more members of this amazing family and more milestones ahead.

To Girl With A Blog!🥂


While we enjoy the last minutes of this party, let’s dance!

Siri, play Shut Up and Dance by WALKMOON

don’t be shy

So it’s the end of two years and I have 49 posts, 242 followers(both on and off WordPress), and an all time view of 4000+. My highest views in a single day stands at 133. And lastly, the post with the highest views is still from little, TO BIG! with about 200+reads! Seems like people really loved that post, if you haven’t read it, do check it out.


We have now come to the end of this birthday party. Thank you for coming, please don’t forget to leave your glasses in the comment section below. You’re not allowed to take them off this page, thank you.

I love you all!

Oh and grab a piece of the cake on your way out!🍰

Inspire. Motivate. Entertain.


14 thoughts on “As We Cross Another Milestone

  1. winneroyindamola 5th Sep 2021 — 10:51 pm

    Welcome and happy birthday to Girl with a Blog🤩
    Yet another wonderful piece indeed 🎂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Happy blogiversary, Gigi🥳

    Liked by 1 person

  3. 😘🎉

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Happy blog anniversary🎉🎉. I must admit that I didn’t think you’ll post on your blogiversary but you always surprise me😁🎉.

    The trip to Britain was quite interesting😂… Aunty English doing what she does best 🤭

    Fine small? Hehhhhhh Gigi you sure😂🙆‍♀️?

    I suddenly realize how long my question was😅. Have you ever been to a village?

    I can see why people love from little TO BIG! It’s a really cool post. Very interesting✨

    To girl with a blog🥂

    😂You could’ve given us the glasses as souvenirs. We could’ve placed it among our trophies 🤷‍♀️. At least you gave us cake. Here’s the glass🍷

    Once again, Happy blog anniversary🎉🎉. Wishing you many more to come🎉🎉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you so much Sabrina!
      I always look forward to your comments each time.
      And pleaseeee enough with the Aunty English 😭😂.
      I haven’t been to a village actually and I don’t have interest in going there lol.
      Thank you, I also love the post.
      And if I give you guys the glasses there won’t be a next time for us to drink because some will forget theirs at home you know, so it’s best I keep it safe. It’s only you that listened to me sef and dropped yours on the way out, so thank youu. ❤️✨


      1. 😂😂It’s been a while with the aunty English but OK. Enough 🤭
        No interest 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️. I’m very interested to go to villages.
        Yeah, it’s better you keep it safe😁
        Let’s follow them to their houses and get the glasses 😂😛

        Liked by 2 people

  5. osisanyaoluwapelumi 19th Sep 2021 — 6:05 pm

    Welcome and happy birthday to a girl with a blog🤩
    Keep on the good work ,
    I wish you the best of luck dear,
    I’ve returned my glass🍷
    Cheers 🎉🎊.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. thank you for obeying instructions.
      and thank you again for reading 🙂


  6. Happy anniversary to girl with a blog. I loved the word-travel. Cheers to more write ups, motivations, innovations, entertainment and creativity. 🥂

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Happy anniversary to “A Girl With A Blog”
    More years to come, increase, growth and greater heights for her.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. ✨❤

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Happy blogiversary to you, Gigi. 🎊🎉🥰✨

    Liked by 1 person

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