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The 29th Series- For As He Lived Among Them…

Hey guys! Welcome back to the 29th Series! Be sure to catch up on previous episodes!

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For As He Lived Among Them

Imagine being an Indian and then you’re surrounded by nothing but Jamaicans.

You don’t speak their language, you don’t practice their religion or accept their values but yet you live among them every single day; struggling to uphold your own values and not get influenced by theirs.

"For as he lived among them, that righteous man tormented himself day by day with the lawless deeds he saw and heard." (2 Peter 2:8)HCSB

Circumstances can lead you to different places or people, but what determines you remaining a constant among them or in such a place is choice.


I knew something changed in me. I knew I had to move on, leaving my old things where they belonged. But you’ll never know how hard doing that is, unless you actually lived it.

So that’s exactly what I did, I left old things and I moved on; at least I thought I did.

Two or three months there about, I found myself surrounded in the midst of things from my old life.”How did this happen?” I asked myself. No answer.

I had a choice, of course I knew that. “Don’t stay,” A part of my conscience said. “Why run? You can handle it, you’re not that same person anymore.” My flesh convinced me.

Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months and yet I remained there; tormenting my soul, by the things I heard and saw.

It’s not changing me, right? It’s a struggle but I can handle it. I can’t remove them from my life completely cause they also benefit me in positive ways.

Months after months, I felt like Lot trapped in Sodom and Gommorah. Protecting my body, soul and spirit from the things I heard, from the things I saw.

Lot had a choice, but why did he stay put? He wasn’t like them but yet he remained among the sinners; putting his whole family in the face of temptation, day after day.

And then you think, didn’t he want freedom? Couldn’t he flee?

But what if a part of him kept holding him back? What if he actually tried to set himself free?

“For I do not understand what I am doing, because I do not practice what I want to do, but I do what I hate.”

Romans 7:15(HSCB)

Maybe he hated everything the people there did but he still couldn’t bring himself to leave.

“For I know that nothing good lives in me, that is, in my flesh. For the desire to do what is good is with me, but there is no ability to do it.”

Romans 7:18(HCSB)

I know that all is vanity upon vanity. I know what is good is with me, but is there ability to do it.

So where does that leave me then?

Awaiting freedom, awaiting intercession from my own Abraham. But who says I can’t be my own intercessor? Who says I can’t be my own Abraham?

Well, somethings they say, are better left unsaid.

"For as he lived among them, that righteous man tormented himself day by day with the lawless deeds he saw and heard." (2 Peter 2:8)HCSB


Thank you for reading!

you heard the man!

Oh and yes I’m sorry I missed the 29th Series these past two months. I was at school and the workload was something else. Even though February didn’t have a 29th, I’d have done it on the 28th or something😉.

To my fellow bloggers that still wish to participate in the Story Challenge, please post your entry before the second week of May. Thank you for your future cooperation! Stay safe.


2 thoughts on “The 29th Series- For As He Lived Among Them…

  1. Finally,miss Morgan! I thought you stopped doing the 29th series😦.
    Happy 11 months anniversary🎉🎉!! Next month will be a year🤩(don’t know why I’m so excited).
    Stay safe too❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😂😂❤️❤️ me too Sabrina

      Liked by 1 person

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