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The 29th Series-Lost In The Woods

Hey guys! Welcome back to the 29th Series! Be sure to catch up on previous episodes!

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I knew what I was getting into when I pledged my commitment to Him; but who knew it could get this tough?

I sought for a meaning to life, and a meaning He gave,

But certainly nothing good comes easy.

Burdened. Tired. Pressured. Out of reach.

That’s exactly how I felt. Like, I was simply alone..

The things I didn’t want to do, I found myself doing them,

Lest I continued to proclaim loudly, despite being eaten up inside.

But why, you ask?

An act, a deceiver and a burned one–that’s what men would see me as.

“So stand tall!” I told myself.

Even when it seemed like I was all a lie, “go on, pretend.” My mind said to me.

It’s a warzone I tell you! Whoever tells you it’s easy, hasn’t lived it.

The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence…” The words rang in my head.

“For a crown of eternal glory, what did you expect?” My conscience questioned.

“A board game of sorts? Or a simple trivia?

Well tough luck– you got violence.”

Lost. That’s what I was.

I look around and all I see is trees, lots of them– everywhere.

Left–the tree of temptation. Right–the tree of discrimination. And below my feet, was that of condemnation.

Lost in the woods. Lost in the forest of this evil world.

“What am I living for then? I’m basically lost.”

I got down on my knees, and then I cried.

I cried, cried and cried.

But suddenly, I felt the urge to look up.

I wiped my tears, sniffed loudly…and then I looked up.

Hovering right above me, was the tree of life.

I never told you your journey will be easy.” He said.

I stared at His glorious image and wondered, has He been watching me all along and I didn’t notice?

I said in Me, you will surely have peace. But here, in this world, you’ll meet tribulation.” He continued.

“But don’t be scared. Only be of good cheer, because I have overcome it all.He ended, displaying the brightest smile I had ever seen.

I sniffed before saying, “how can I? When we suffer violence on all sides?”

Yes our kingdom suffers violence. The violent also take it by force. Our kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, no matter the violence, it will surely stand.” He replied.

“And I won’t get taken away in the end?” I asked, getting up on my feet as I felt hope rise in me.

“I will give unto you eternal life my child. You will never die and no man, no one, shall ever pluck you out of my hand.” He whispered, before fading away into the light.

I smiled to myself, as a certain peace warmed my heart.


Even when I was lost in the woods, His light found me.

And If I still am, I know He’ll leave his 99 to find his lost sheep a billion times again.

Dedicated to Eight Months of Nonstop Love from my Saviour💖

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it as well!

I know I’ve been off lately but I couldn’t miss this.

Here’s the deal, my phone’s charger spoilt and then my laptop decided to follow suite, so yeah, that sucks.

But I found my way around it and decided to use my mom’s phone to upload this.

Sorry it’s coming this late but either way it’s finally here.

I can’t reach many people to share it with on my different social media accounts so I’ll need everyone’s help!

Please share this post everywhere you can, if we reach 50 views before a day passes, my second Q&A Session post will be out a little bit sooner 😉

So like, comment and share, share share! I love you guys, stay safe x.


13 thoughts on “The 29th Series-Lost In The Woods

  1. My lady,whenever I think you can’t do better,you prove me wrong✨. What an absolutely wonderful peace✨🥀👌🏼. 8 months already🎉🎉❤. Don’t rush yourself my lady. Whenever your charger problems are fixed you can get posting again. After all we can’t control what happens in life. You’re beautiful too✨❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Sabrina! I’ll even be going to school soon. I hope I’ll be able to manage it then. Thanks for your lovely comment, my beautiful Sab🤗💕


      1. Of course you’ll be able to manage! You’re aunty English,no,no,no mistake Gigi Morgan after all😁✨.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Fish!🙄😂
        Let’s just see how it goes.


  2. 😩👏👏woaa!! another banger🤗😇
    I would never miss this series… It’s an amazing one, please don’t stop it oo… Keep going.
    And then, what does that verse mean….the kingdom of God suffereth violence, and how …yh, and why??

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t answer people named Someone. Thank you for reading either way. Have a nice day.


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    1. I’ll think about it. I’ll also help share it with other bloggers


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