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Caught In The Moment-4

“Hey Petra, happy new year!” My best friend said, as she entered my room.

Ignoring her voice, I kept on going through my list of last year’s goals.

It dawned on me recently that I never fully achieved any of them at all; they’re always too tough for me to handle you know? Sigh.

How do people do these things honestly? How can you not get weakened by the pressure of completing goals like this?

I mean, are they some kinda robot or do most humans have super powers I’m yet to know of.

“Petra!” Jane called out at to me again, but my attention still remained on what I had on ground.

I picked up my pen from my nightstand to cancel out the stupid goals.

My stupid self ended up tearing the paper in the process.

I scoffed loudly, throwing my head back in frustration.

“Everything okay?” Jane asked, joining me on my bed.

I simply look at her with a face that reads, “do I look like I’m okay?” before turning back to the stupid paper.

“Petra, you know you can always talk to me about anything. I would never judge you.” Jane said, moving closer to my side.

“I know that Jane, sorry I’m acting mean. I’m just not in a good.” I said to her, resting my head on her shoulder.

“Oh please, I’ve dealt with crazy Petra for ten years now. I think I can handle an upset Petra, she’s much more easier.” Jane said, and we both chuckled.

“Now tell me what’s wrong Petra.”

I sighed loudly, before handing her my certificate of failed goals.

“See for yourself.” I told her.

“Oh honey, don’t feel that bad. At least you had a plan for the year, that’s a start you know. So be proud of that first off okay?” Jane said, in efforts of making me feel better obviously.

“But I basically achieved none of them last year Jane, nothing! You on the other hand, probably crossed out everything on your list.” I said to her, sitting up with my legs crossed.

Jane turned towards me, crossing her legs the same way before letting out a deep breath.

“Petra, I’ve told you several times not to compare yourself to anyone, not even me okay? You’re more than that.” She said and I simply nodded my head in response.

Easy for her to say, she always does half of her goals if not all. I on the other hand, it’s like I was made to fail at this.

“I know you’re still comparing in your mind Petra, stop it, now!”

“Fine! I’m not now.” I said, raising both hands up in defeat.

She really knows me well, after all she’s my best friend.

But how do you do it Jane? Really I wanna know.” I asked my almost-perfect best friend.”

“You reallyyy wanna know?” She asked, turning my question back at me.

“Yes Jane, I really wanna know. Now spill it!” I said, poking her in the stomach.

“Ouch! Fine I’ll tell you. Petra, I simply work hard and stay focused, consistency really helps. If you know what you want, you’ll really stick towards it.” Jane said and I paused to think.

“But that’s what I always do…right?”

She didn’t answer me immediately, why? Don’t I work hard? I’m not that lazy.

“Jane?” I called her name.

She sighed before replying, “I love you Petra and you’re my best friend, that’s why I’m gonna be brutally honest with you okay?”

I calmed my mind down to take in the awful truth she planned to throw at me, before nodding my head for her to go on.

“You give up and forget your goals when things start to get tough Petra, I always try to encourage you but you tend to push me aside.” She said, leaving me speechless.

“Do I really do that Jane?” I asked her, as I myself thought back towards my previous set goals.

“Yeah, you kinda do. Remember last year March when we both decided to get jobs?”

“Yeah of course it was our first shared goal for 2020.”

“It was, but you backed out when it started getting harder Petra. When we had to balance school, chores and then the job, you completely gave up you know? I had to go on without you and then I felt bad later on so I quit too.” She said, making me realize what a bad friend I’d been.

“I’m sorry I made you quit Jane, you shouldn’t have.”

“I couldn’t stand hurting your feelings Petra, it’s fine I’m not mad.” Jane said.

“Promise?” I asked her to confirm.

“Promise.” She replied with a smile before we shared a hug.

“What can I do to make it better Jane? I don’t want to fail this year too.” I said to her, completely ready for a change.

“And you won’t, I’ll help you.” She said, holding my hand.

“But it gets hard Jane, and I end up feeling so much pressure so I just decide to let go.” I told her.

“That’s the problem. You don’t let go Petra. If you really wanna achieve anything, you have to work harder and remain strong even when things seem hard and impossible.”

I remained silent and thought deeply on her words.

“And don’t forget you don’t always have to rely solely on your strength. You have God, and He’s just waiting for you to put your trust in Him fully. That’s what I do, and it totally works. So do it Petra, let your strength come from Him, that way, you won’t give up.” She said, ending her “motivational speech.”

“You’re right Jane, it all makes sense now. Thank you.” I told her as my mind settled on her words again.

“One more thing, I need you to read this bible verse I love.” She said, opening her bible app on her phone.

“Okay.” I said, leaning in closer to take a look.

“Here it is, Proverbs 24:10! Read it Petra.” She told me, giving me her phone.

“If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is weak.” I read out loud.

“Exactly, you can’t let your strength get weakened by pressure girl. That’s why your strength must be in Him, cause that Big Guy never gets tired!” She said, making me chuckle a bit.

“Did you just call God, Big Guy?” I asked her, smiling brightly.

“He is big after all? So you understand what I’ve said so far right?” She asked me and I nodded my head in response.

She really is a great person. I thank God everyday that I have her.

“Good, oh and another version says: if you fail under pressure, then your strength is small.” Jane said.

“That makes sense.” I said.

“It does. I’m glad we had this talk.”

“Me too.” I told her with a small smile, before turning towards the Bible app on her phone again.

If I faint in the day of adversity, my strength is weak. But not anymore, not this year; cause my strength is in Him.

The End

Caught In The Moment is a collection of posts that I just start writing based on what I feel at that moment, like my rants hehe. This is my fourth post in the collection so you can click here to read the first and check my blog feed for more!

Thank you for reading. Please leave comments and share if you enjoyed reading this.😊

Also, I wanted to wish you all a happy new year!! 🥳

Welcome to 2021! Any goals set for this year yet?

Oh and I haven’t forgotten about the Q/A Session but sadly you all haven’t sent in that much questions so…till further notice I guess☹️.

Once again, Happy new year, I wish you all the best! 🙂


12 thoughts on “Caught In The Moment-4

  1. winneroyindamola 4th Jan 2021 — 9:22 am

    Good blog post to start the year..thankss!!

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      1. 🙏🌹🙏🌹🙏

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy New Year🎉

    Liked by 2 people

  3. You are very articulate girl💯. I couldn’t write a story to save myself 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you really, that means a lot. I’m still trying to improve on my writing really.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. All love from here, keep going Gigi. Something about and in every of your posts strengthens and motivates me –But not anymore, not this year; cause my strength is in Him–

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  5. Nice blog
    Do visit to my blog, hope you like it.

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    1. thank you! sure thing Shristy!


      1. If you like my paintings then please do follow my blog whenever, I post my paintings then you can easily see that.


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