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A Day In The Life Of Gigi

Hey people! So by the title I’m guessing you already know what this is about, yeah. One of my biggest fans(readers) asked me to write on this and so I decided to give it a try. This is my first time doing this so I hope it’s not boring.

Shoutout to you Sabrina for responding to my Hey You! post and congratulations on getting 50 followers!🥳🥂


(MORNING) 23/11/2020🌥

I hear the sound of my alarm ringing from across my bed. Oh goodness is it five already? I groan softly before rolling over my little sister, who shares a bed with me, to reach for the alarm and turn the damn thing off.

I finally get it to stop bursting my ears. And because I’m too sleepy to return it to the chair all the way across, I leave beside me and close my eyes again.

Less than a minute after that, my mother comes in singing so loudly I feel like throwing the alarm straight at her. Sigh, if only.

“Wake up oh, Miracle get up.” She says before continuing her worship singing. I wonder how her voice will now sound if she decides to use a microphone.

Since there’s no light in the house, she places what seems like the brightest torch ever, on the top bunk(where my elder sister usually sleeps but she’s not at home at the moment)which turns my dark room into a well-lit operation room.

Immediately she walks out with her singing, I stand up, grab the torch and turn it off before it steals my sleep. I leave it on the bed in between me and my sister.

Still half asleep, I start tapping my little sister, Miracle, to get up and prepare for school.

She groans and hits my hand away from her before turning to the other side.

After much turning, tossing and rubbing her eyes, she finally stands up.

“Take the torchlight and go to the bathroom.” I tell her with my voice sounding so low.

She grabs my alarm instead and starts walking towards the bathroom.

“Miracle!” I call her, this time sounding a little bit louder.

“Mmm.” She answers and turns towards me, still rubbing her eyes.

“I said take the torchlight, see it here.” I hand over the torch to her and take my alarm back.

The last thing I remember before falling back asleep is my sister entering into the bathroom to brush her teeth.

Few minutes later, my eyes decide to open again. I see my sister on the bed, holding her towel.

“What are you doing? Why haven’t you taken your bath?” I ask her, seeing that she’s just sitting there in a shirt and her underwear.

“I’m waiting for the water to boil.” She says.

“Alright, take off your shirt and tie your towel.” I tell her, before my eyes close again.

At this point I’m half asleep and half awake, hearing the conversation between my sister and my mom. Something about using our toilet cause dad is in theirs….

My eyes open again as I hear the sound of the generator. I get the urge to pee but I still close my eyes again trying to keep it in for as long as I can.

I hear the sound of water rushing from the bathroom showing that my sister is finally having a bath. Still on my bed, I start thinking whether I need to get up or not.

Food. Yeah that’s right, they have to take something to school. What am I going to make sef. Ugh. My bladder sends me another warning that it’s about to fail but I still lay on my bed thinking.


I quickly stand up from the bed and walk swiftly towards the toilet.

“You’re still taking your bath?” I say to my sister, who’s now in the bathtub with a shower curtain separating the both of us.

“I was still waiting for hot water…There’s a cockroach under the bucket.” She says, at my attempt to move the bucket.

“Why didn’t you kill it?”

“I don’t know, how do you want me to kill it?” She answers, still scrubbing her body without a sponge.

This child.

“Better carry that sponge and use it now or you’ll go back in there again.”

“And hurry up. I’m going to bring out your things before you start wasting time and using ten hours to dress. So when you come out you’ll see them on the bed. Dress up quickly and move to the table.”

“Mmm ten hours. Na so.” She says from the bathroom.

“Sha use your sponge inside there.” I tell her.

No response.

“Did you hear me!” I say louder.

“I’ve heard you ah! I’m using it.” She responds before I walk out the bedroom.

I stop at my brother’s room to check if he’s up. Still in the bathroom too. These children sef.

I head straight for the kitchen but quickly stopping to check the time.

Six o’clock already.

“Mummy Good morning ma.” I say to my mother, on seeing her in the kitchen doing the dishes.

“It is well with you.” She responds with her usual words.

“Amen.” I say with a yawn.

“So what are they taking to school?” I ask her.

“Check what is available.” She says in bluntly.

I move around the kitchen, check the store and the fridge to see what’s available.

“Spaghetti?” I ask her for confirmation.

“Is there tomato and pepper to blend?” She asks.

I grab the bowl containing tomatoes and pepper and show her, to answer her question.

“Alright go and blend it quickly.” She says before turning her attention back to the plates.

I arrange everything needed to make the spaghetti before leaving for my bedroom again.

I walk in and see Miracle playing with my sister’s(the elder one)tablet.

“See this one oh. Are you done dressing? You’re there watching Lolirock . Hurry up and leave this place jor.” I say to her.

“I’m almost done.” She says.

I simply walk out and stop at my parents’ room on the way.

“Daddy Good morning sir.” I say to my dad on entering his room.

“Morning, how are you?” He responds as he brushes his hair, already set to leave for the site.


We have a short conversation before I return back to the kitchen.

I check on the spaghetti which my mom has already taken over from anyway.

My sister finally comes out from the room after what seems like an hour.

“Finally. See your hair sef, you’ve not still done it. Eat fast so mummy can plait it for you.” I tell her, touching her full black natural hair.

“Leave my hair jor.” She says, before going into the kitchen to get what she needs to make her breakfast.

I see my brother walk past me to the room opposite his, which is now also his I guess.

“You’re still like this. Hurry up and pack the books your’e taking to school, see how the table is scattered.” I say to my fifteen year old brother.

He simply rambles something I didn’t get and continues pressing his phone.

I stand there and we have a random conversation for about two minutes.

He stands up, throws his arm around my shoulder and I push him away before walking out of his room.

My dad calls me to open the gates for him as he’s ready to leave for the day.

“Soak my towel for me with the others I put there.” He says.

“You’re always washing this towel.”

“Because it’s white.” He responds before walking into the kitchen to say goodbye to my mom.

I tell my dad about my mom forcing me to go out with her cause she doesn’t want me alone at home. Luckily, he stays on my side and allows me stay home by myself.

After helping my dad with the gates, I walk back inside the house and see my sister at the table, still buttering her bread.

I ramble on and on, grabbing the bread and buttering it for her. I keep talking to her not leaving space in between my words and not even knowing when I switched to pidgin language. I still don’t stop talking until I hear my name being called.

“Ma!” I answer in the same tone I was using to talk. And then I realize it’s not my mother that called me but Sis Elizabeth, a family friend who came to visit and is leaving today.

I walk over to the room to check what she needs help with as she’s currently on crutches.

“Good morning.” I say to her and continue to look at her waiting to hear what she needs.

“Glory, so you can speak broken(pidgin)? See how you were just talking.”

“Was I speaking pidgin?” I say to her laughing because I didn’t even know or remember what I was saying to my sister.

We laugh over it and I help her to the dining table chair.

(W/N:- If I don’t speed up the story this thing might get boring so let’s fast forward. Oh and W/N means Writer’s Note lol.)

I go back into the kitchen and check on the spaghetti as my mom is plaiting my sister’s hair currently.

Seeing that it’s finally ready, I pack their food and arrange their lunchboxes before walking to my room.

I throw myself on the bed and grab my phone to turn it on for the day.

Oh yeah, maybe I should write a day in the life of Gigi post today since I’m going to be home alone.

I start writing the post as a few minutes pass. My sister comes in finally in her uniform and with her hair plaited nicely.

She looks in the mirror and adjusts her uniform until it suits her liking.

“Help me and knot my other tie. This one is already loosing.” I hear her say to me.

I didn’t really get her cause my mind was on what I was writing, but me, can I even knot tie?

I’m about to reply her before my mother starts shouting, “Let us go ohh! Carry your things to the car now. Glory go and help Sis Elizabeth take her things to the car.”

Chai, she can shout.

I stand up and help my siblings leave for school so I can finally have this house to myself lol.

Fast forward>>>>

After a whole lot of here and there, up and down, get this and get that, I finally wave at them driving away as I close the gates to our house.

At last. I walk in and start clearing the house briefly before going to make food for Sparkles and Flash(my dogs who are currently expecting kids-puppies).

While the food is cooking(it’s like a special kinda Indomie a brand of noodles, made just for dogs), I sit at the dining and continue writing my day in the life of Gigi post.

Minutes pass and I decide to check the food.

Burning! Burning! Burning!

I quickly turn off the fire and try my best to save the poor Indomie.

At least it’s not much that burnt. Thank God my mother isn’t here.

I leave it to cool down and pick up my phone to continue writing.

After I’m satisfied with where I’ve reached so far, I walk to the kitchen to grab the food for my dogs before going outside to serve them in their plates.

On coming inside, I stop at the kitchen to wash off the pot I used before leaving for my room.

I decide to have my full morning prayers now as I’m finally free and there’s no one to interrupt me.

And then, some me-time begins now!

Let’s make that right after I brush my teeth!

Congratulations you have just experienced a Morning with Gigi!☁️🌞

Well that concludes the morning edition of A Day In The Life Of Gigi!

Should I do an afternoon and night version? I think it’ll be boring though.

If you guys want me to anyway, I’m up for it.

If you read this whole thing, geez thank you lol.

It was fun writing this so thank you again Sabrina and I hope you read this!

Bye people!✨🌈

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13 thoughts on “A Day In The Life Of Gigi

  1. So aunty English speaks pidgin👀
    That’s nice..

    It wasn’t boring…

    I’ll like to know what Gigi is up to now that she’s HOMEALONE

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😂thank you for reading, Someone.


  2. I just got back from school around 13:15 (which is probably 12:15 by you) and I see this🎉😃. I wasn’t expecting it so fast. Thanks so much for mentioning my blog🤗💖.

    I’m also like that when I need to pee😂😅. We kind of woke up together hey😂.

    Your sister sounds like she’s a lot to handle😂😂. I really love your sisters names (Miracle) that’s my future child’s name😂😂😂 (I’m mad I know😅). Is your full name Glory👀?

    I really wanna learn pidgin. I can to some extent (thanks to Nigerian movies😂) but I wanna learn more. My siblings and I talk it a lot when we’re bored😂😂 (you must really be thinking we’re crazy😅). And I want to try Indomie cause big brother Naija people make it look so good😂😂😢. There’s even an indomie for dogs🙆. How could you let it burn😂😂😂?

    Please,please, please do an afternoon and night addition🙏. I wanna know what happens when everyone is back.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write this and for linking to my blog💖🤗 🌷.

    Much love🌸. Oh, what’s that letter you always use🤔… Yeah, thanks b😂😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is a really long comment but I kept smiling all the way through. I’m glad you enjoyed reading this and I’ll try on the afternoon post. Yes my name is Glory. And it’s cute that you like her name lol. I like it too.
      I only speak pidgin when I’m talking fast or frustrated lol. I don’t think I can teach it.
      I don’t watch big brother but yep indomie is good stuff. I don’t know how it got burnt ohhh😂
      I don’t think I can remember what happened so far vividly though. Does it have to be today though?
      You’re welcome for the blog link and I enjoyed writing it.
      Do I use “b” all the time?😂😂❤️


      1. Yeah it’s a long comment😅😅.
        You have such a beautiful name😍. Like it stands out completely😍. 😂😂yah it’s cool it would be hard to teach I suppose.
        😂😂😂you don’t know!! Just be saying it’s good stuff you make me want it more😢😂.
        Not at all, it can be on any day and only if you want to do it. But thanks for doing this one🤗.
        😂😂😂💖you use “b” most of the time. I’ve been watching you😂👀

        Liked by 1 person

      2. 😂alrighty then. Today’s been stressful so I’ll probably do it next time(maybe Monday next week)
        I guess I’m used to using it 😂. Byeee b😉


      3. P.s I love your long comments


  3. 😅 which pidgin were you speaking anty?

    Well fiction is good to make stories interesting.
    Go out with your mother next time o

    Cool post boss 🧎🏼

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I rather stay home abeg😂❤️


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    web site very often and take good facts from here.

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