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Hey You!

Welcome to this month’s edition of Hey You!

I know I haven’t been posting lately, again, I’m sorryyy. I’ve just been focused on my Wattpad story-THREE, these days and my new camera, Nina✨.

Okay breaking news, this is gonna be another category of my posts called, Hey You!

It involves connecting with my readers just to see how you’re all doing, giving you the chance to pick a topic on what I should write on and lastly, picking a blog I love and giving it a shoutout.

So be prepared to see a Hey You! post every month. I can’t wait to see how this turns out but I’m definitely excited at giving it a go.

So how are you? What’s going on with you lately? This is an open post just to connect with you, my readers. Anything you want to share with me or ask me, the comment section is open(or you can visit the Contact Me page on my blog site).

If you don’t have a question or anything to share, I still have my(now monthly) question for you:

What do you want me to write on in my next post? Any subject you want to read about?

Leave your suggestions/answers and I’ll take a pick and write my thoughts on it. Your comment might just be the lucky winner lol.

And now, the moment some people(or just me) have been waiting for, the winner of this month’s Hey You! Shoutout is 🥁 🥁

Insights of Eden!!

You should definitely check out her blog. Even though she’s a new blogger and she doesn’t post every week, her posts are amazing. Just reading one of her works, definitely leaves you wanting more. So don’t miss out on a good read.

Congratulations Sorkpeale for being the lucky winner of this month’s Hey You! Keep on writing cause you’re really good at it. So go follow her blog and let her tell you a good story!

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to visit the comment section. I’m eager to read your thoughts lol. Oh and check out my book on Wattpad(I’m the co-author of it).

See you in the next edition, stay safe.

Hey You! November Edition✨🌈

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