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It’s been a Year!

5th September 2019, the day I decided to finally start a blog. I remember that day, how I spent hours and hours just thinking of how to start an introductory post lol, but in the end it turned out okay I guess. I keep asking myself whether it was me that wrote that or someone else, cause anytime I read it now I just smile like it’s not mine(you can still read it if you haven’t). So, it’s been a whole year filled with writing, blogging, sharing experiences, growing bigger and meeting my amazing readers and I can’t wait to start that all over again with you guys! Happy birthday to Girl With A Blog🎉💜

I decided to host a Q/A session to celebrate this day and give you a chance to ask me questions as I try to re-introduce myself before we start another year together🥰.

Thank you all for joining me this day! Now let the party begin🎉🎉

Q/A Session with Gigi✨

Let’s see whose question comes first. Okay, here’s a good one:

Q: Tell me something you wish you had started earlier in the wake of Covid-19 or something you still want to do before things normalise. Even though this seems like the “new normal.”

A: Okay, I have something I wish I had started earlier but I’m still going to do it either way. And that’s providing a soft copy of my first book, THE TRIPLETS, that I wrote together with a couple of friends. It’ll be available for reading to those interested. I also want to give writing books another try and see how it turns out.

Okay, next question says:

Q: Do you have feelings for any guy?

A: I’m like what??😂 lol sorry to disappoint you but nope. My mind is filled with important things right now, like my exams which are starting on the 7th🙂. Believe me I’m happy I’m finally going to write it and get it over it with but I’m also a bit nervous lol. Wish me luck!😊

Our next question says:

Q: It’s a very nice blog that actually inspires we girls, and also encourages us to believe in ourselves. It’s a nice blog.

A: It’s not a question but awwww 🥰. Thank you dear.

Here’s an easy one:

Q: What country do you live in?

A: I live in Nigeria 🇳🇬. My homeland, one and only Naija! Where anything can happen 🙌🏽

Let’s get serious yeah, so here’s an interesting one:

Q: How do you go about studying the word of God when there is a whole lot of work to do. I mean how to get the time to study the Bible?

A: You must have read one of my rants, Caught in the moment-1☺️. Okay, so I’ll start by answering your question with my own question lol. “How do you find time to eat and sleep, when there is a whole lot of work to do?” Hehe makes sense doesn’t it? The truth is, there’s always going to be work but in the midst of all that, we find time for the important things we need to do. Make reading your Bible an important need for your daily life and you’ll see there’s always time.

If you haven’t seen your question yet, don’t worry, sit tight cause there’s still a couple more. Here’s a random one:

Q: Favorite book on wattpad?

A: It’s hard to decide really, but my favorite two has to be Unholy Matrimony and A lie in Church. What’s yours if you have one? The comment section is open to your opinions 😊

This next one sounds funny lol:

Q: Does your mom support your blog contents?

A: lol, do I post things that aren’t worth supporting? Of course she does, she might even be reading this right now 👀.

Okay, moving on. Oh here’s the reoccurring one:

Q: What made you start your blog?

A: I answered this last time and I know it’ll forever be asked lol. No specific story behind it really. I like writing and so I thought it’d be nice to start one just for the fun of it.

This Q/A might not be as interesting as my first one but don’t blame me, it’s the exams approaching. They’ve taken away my fun side. It’ll return once my exams are over so worry no more 🌚

Q: Have you ever felt that one of your write up was trash and you disposed it?

A: I don’t think I’ve ever finished one then trashed it. I may have just stopped halfway or changed so many things to make it better. So yes and no lol.

Let’s play a quick game of Would you rather? Did I hear a No?

Well for those interested, here are the questions, leave your answers in the comments:

Would you rather go sky-diving or surfing 🏄‍♀️ (for me surfing sounds less scary)

Would you rather go a week without water or without sleep? (without water please, I’ll drink other liquids lol)

Don’t forget to leave your answers! Let’s continue:

Q: One fear you’ve overcome?

A: Umm starting this blog 😊 I didn’t want to earlier on but I finally did and she’s a year old today 🎉 Oh and read my post on Overcoming Failure.

Next question please✔️

Q: Would you rather read a book all day or write your thoughts?

A: I can’t do either one of them all day. What happen now, there’s still other things to do. If it’s an interesting book I might want to continue reading but I’ll still do other things. I prefer a little bit of both each day like Spongebob📖 ✍🏽

Reading, Writing, Arithmetic is what we learn in school 🎶 (it’s from a cartoon lol Mother Goose goes to School) Moving on👀

Q: What’s one thing you hate about your gender?

A: Hehe, first thing that popped up in my head was PERIOD CRAMPS! They can be terrible at times. What’s yours?

This person just had to ask the other part lol:

Q: What’s one thing you love about your gender?

A: What do I love about being a female? I honestly haven’t given that much thought. But what I love most is the chance to carry my child in my own womb; there’s just the bond I see between new mothers and their babies that makes me cry sometimes 😩❤️ And also I get to be the parent that says, “Is it not me that carried you in my womb for nine whole months, you cannot come and kill me!” 😂😂 Tell me your answer in the comments lol.

Seems like that’s the last of it. Yep, we’re done. So this has been fun, thank you for your questions and for reading as well.

My name is still Gigi, I love writing and I decided to use it as a medium to share my thoughts and motivate people, using my experiences as a case study. It’s been a whole year of doing this and I’m grateful to God, my family and friends for all their support. I can’t wait to begin another year of blogging! Happy birthday to my blog!✨

So it’s the end of one year and I have 29 posts, 100+ followers, and an all time view of 2000+. My best views on a post stands at 202 with from little, TO BIG! as the lucky winner 🎉. I kinda like that post too😌❤️. Thank you again for reading. I’m not going to be posting for a while due to my exams. So till we meet again, stay safe!


As a present I’m dropping my picture(which I never really do, so consider it a really good present).🎁

I’ll miss you all. Always x Forever

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21 thoughts on “It’s been a Year!

  1. To your questions
    1. I’ll go for sky diving
    2. A week without water..hmm.. like no access to water for drinking, bathing cooking, brushing…😂. I’ll go a week without water… Please I need my sleep.

    Happy Birthday to your blog🎂..long life and prosperity😂.it is a really nice blog btw

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you for reading dear! It was fun reading your answers ❤️


  2. justcalmwildness 5th Sep 2020 — 11:55 am

    Happy Anniversary

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So all this time I didn’t know you live in Nigeria😮. So you are a naija babe. I thought you American😅. I LOVE Nigeria and Nigerians😍. I’m coming there one day!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Happy birthday to your blog🎊🎉🎊

    Liked by 1 person

  5. You are BEAUTIFUL😍

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Good luck on your exams✌

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Happy birthday to your blog. I enjoyed getting to know you better and it’s good to know that you are Nigerian. ♥️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 🥰🥰thank you for reading dear. Are you a fellow Nigerian as well?


  8. Wow that’s amazing! Happy belated anniversary to your blog. Haha🤗❤️

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Awww my pleasure 🤗♥️

        Liked by 1 person

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