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Little Foxes

This subject has been coming up in my mind, but I wasn’t sure if I had much to say on it to make it a post. But after using my devotional today, I definitely realised I should write on this even if it’d be short.

Do you have a little fox you still can’t get rid of? The thing you know is totally wrong, you try to stop doing it but still, you end up seeing yourself doing it again. I definitely know how that feels and I think most people, if not everybody, has or once had a little fox. What’s your little fox? that thing that’s totally wrong, that bad habit, that flaw you’re still working on, that thing you’ll never want the people you care about to know, that ‘sin’. I’m sure something has already come up in your mind, remember that thing as you read on.

How did it all start? What triggers you to do that thing? If you know what it is you have to get rid of it. Take some time out to think about it, is it a friend? a place? Anything at all, it could even be your phone, an app or the television. Whatever triggers that little fox, you need to destroy it for your own good. The longer you wait to get rid of it, the harder it becomes.

Don’t keep on questioning yourself, why am I like this? why do I keep doing this? You’re human and you do not overcome until you’ve faced an opposition. Look at that little fox today as your opposition and do all you can to get rid of it.If you’re willing and determined to do away with that fox, it’ll agree with you and leave. It’s not a part of you but a stranger that needs to get out now, “Foreigners submit to me grudgingly; as soon as they hear, they obey me.”-Psalm 18:44(HCSB). Believe that you have control over it, and it won’t control you anymore. Get rid of those ‘Little Foxes’.

Hey guys! I hope I was able to help someone through this post. Whatever you set your mind to do, just know that you can do it. This post is dedicated to God for keeping me and you safe since the start of this pandemic. Stay safe guys!❤️

I plan on doing a Q/A session, so I’m open to any questions you have for me. Anything that’s on your mind, go ahead and ask away. You can send your questions to me through any of these:

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